Wayke - film production

Client: Wayke
Agency: Wayke (inhouse)
My role: Art direction, film production, photography, editing
Year: 2018-2019

During my time at Wayke (a new marketplace for cars) I was not only Art Director but also photographer/filmer. Together with my collegue Magne (he's the one in front of the camera) we created a production team, just the two of us, and started to do test drives of cars. That being said I was in charge of all the filming, photography and all the post production work (clipping, editing, grading etc). In one year we manage to do more than 60 car tests, go from 0 to 2500 Youtube subscribers and getting over 660.000 views, and counting. We even got more views on our videos than some of the larger and longer excisting Youtube channels. And we drove everything from a 120.000 sek Ford Fiesta to a 1.600.000 sek BMW i8 Roadster!
You can watch two of them below and all of them here.

We also made a special format for Instagram so people who didn't had the time to view the videos could read a short review of the test drive. By doing this we could cover more ground and also make people aware and curious of a new test drive. This format worked very well and gave an over all good impression. Swipe thru to see it.

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